Si-Si restaurant Opened to both Chinese and Nigerians – Mgt Speaks

For Numerous Nigerian Customers that have patronized Si-Si Chinese Restaurant, the allegation flying in some section of the media that Nigerians are being prevented from accessing the facility will come to them as a shock.   The beautiful restaurant located on 21B Emina Crescent, off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos, serves both Chinese citizens and Nigerians with their rich menu. After Our Little investigation, it was discovered that the allegation that the restaurant prevents Nigerians from eating there is very untrue.

In fact, there are lots of Nigerians who have had the course to host their events there with no issue of restriction coming up.. Below are Some pictures from a birthday party held there last October. The Party actually took place in the HOTPOT section of the restaurant, the same spot the online report said Nigerians are not allowed to go in.

Another of Such Event that has taken place there is the End Of Year Dinner Party by Ace hall School located in Adeniyi Jones on the 8th of July 2018. Also, Below are some of the pictures from the dinner party.

When we visited The restaurant on a fact-finding mission, the director of si-si restaurant and barbeque Ltd, Alhaji. Niyi Adegbite took us around the normal Chinese cuisine and the hotpot section where he told us that customers can actually cook their own food. He further went on to explain that the Hot pot section admits both Nigerians and the Chinese. Aside from our correspondent at the meeting, Alhaji. Niyi Adegbite equally took a Punch Correspondent around the facility, allowed him to interview some of the staffs and us alongside the punch reporter left with pictures of past events organized by Nigerians there. But the management was shocked to see the false report by Punch newspaper and they have threatened to sue them for defamation.

Below are some pictures we were able to get from past events held in the facility.

On what must have caused this false accusation, Alhaji. Niyi Adegbite said they have been informed that it was a paid publication as some guys in shorts and slippers were there to cause problem but they were not allowed inside and hence they are the ones that initiated the publications.

The Lagos State Government has also denied that anything of such happened. In a statement by the Commissioner for Tourism, Arts & Culture Mr. Steve Ayorinde, said the allegations were baseless and false as the facility is registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture since 2016 as required by law.

“Following the social media posts on Monday about the allegation that a certain Chinese restaurant in Ikeja is engaged in racial discrimination against potential Nigerian customers, our officers were sent to investigate the veracity of the claim.

“The two officers who went there on Monday did so incognito and found the allegations to be false. The officers were served without any questions or discrimination.

“They also took photographs without being noticed. Our officers also observed that the restaurant had a number of Nigerians working inside there and did similarly observe that peppersoup, a Nigerian delicacy is also on the menu.

“More, importantly, the restaurant has been registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture since 2016 as required by law.

And with what we met on ground, we believe that Si-Si restaurant still remains one of the coolest Chinese restaurants you can find in Lagos. If you want to try out nice Chinese and Nigerian Delicacies, you should pay them a visit.

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