Full Interview: Am Being Underrated – Mc Decent.

The Dope Promotion Team Meet with Delta Fast rising Comedian and Fashion Designer. He took us through his career and Up coming Projects. Read the interesting Interview Below.

DOPE PROMOTION: Can you briefly tell us about yourself?

Mc Decent: My name is Goddey Oghenevwakpo Collins, I’m a native of Urhobo, from Oginibo town in ughelli local government areas… 

I’m from a family of 15, am a comedian and a fashion designer. I Finished my secondary school education at Delta College warri. I obtained a national diploma (ND) in the year 2016 at Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro (DSPZ).

I came out 2 runners up Delta got talent 2015,2 runner up as well Baptist talent hunt 2015, winner takes the stage Nigeria 2017

Presently working on an event projected to occur April 22nd, 2019 Easter Monday.


DOPE PROMOTION: How was growing up like for you in a Family of 15.

Mc Decent: It wasn’t really that fun growing up, in a family where my mom is the last wife amongst 3

Things weren’t that easy but our father tried all his best in giving us the best life.

DOPE PROMOTION: How Do You Combine Fashion And Comedy?

I do both of them, since I run an office, with boys working with me, if there’s an event I go for the event while the boys continue with the works at the office.

DOPE PROMOTION: Between Fashion and Comedy, which one would you say you have one more interest in.

And why

Mc Decent: Hmmm.. Fashion, because I love seeing people look good in different outfits, your dress sense is 80% who you are in the inside

DOPE PROMOTION: So if you are to pick between Fashion or Comedy, Which one will you pick?

Mc Decent: I no fit pick ooo. I go do the two.

DOPE PROMOTION: How would you describe your entry into comedy. What motivated you to start.

Mc Decent: I entered into comedy through mock news, then in church and street parties

But taking it up to stand up comedy, I was motivated by Bovi. Seeing his creativity and his delivery was a great motivation for me. Guided by mc Douglas on how to master mic as a stand-up comedian. I’ve worked under Young chief, Free Mouth, Mc omoness, Aproko King, Likiliki mouth as well. They all have in one way or  the other contributed to my growth today

DOPE PROMOTION: How would you describe your style of Comedy

Mc Decent: Corporate comedy

DOPE PROMOTION: How do get your materials. The inspiration behind your jokes.

Mc Decent: Studying,  and the things happening around me

PROMOTION: What would you describe as your biggest achievement so far since you started.

Mc Decent: Winning take the stage 2017

DOPE PROMOTION: What are the challenges you’ve encounter coming into the industry and building your brand.

Mc Decent: Hmm.  Being underated in event. And struggling to perform or gain access into big events

DOPE PROMOTION: Does that serve as motivation to work hard?

Mc Decent: Yea sure

DOPE PROMOTION: Can you tell us a bit about your upcoming event?

Mc Decent: It’s corporate event featuring comedy, music and fashion.

Its set to take place on the 22nd of April 2019

DOPE PROMOTION: Whats the concept behind and why is it different from other events.

Mc Decent: The concept is to promote my brand as a comedian and a fashion designer

It’s different from other event because it features fashion display as well and its all done by one person who’s a comedian and a tailor.

DOPE PROMOTION: What should guests expecting to see

Mc Decent: They should expect to see the best that can be delivered.

DOPE PROMOTION: Is it a one man show or which other artist should they be expecting

Mc Decent: Mc flexy, mc Douglas, mc perez, mc fresh mouth winner FAPOH, Mc funny timo, Better pikin, Mic healz, Eric Johnson, Kevwe saxKelele d rhymer etc

DOPE PROMOTION: As we round up, where do you expect to see yourself in the next few years.

Mc Decent: In a few years from now, I expect to see myself as an outstanding comedian and fashion designer not only in my city but across Nigeria

DOPE PROMOTION: Any last word for your Fans?

Mc Decent: Thank for the love…  Keep believing and supporting the brand as we journeyed towards success…  🏽

DOPE PROMOTION: Thanks for speaking to us

🏼Mc Decent: Thanks for Having Me.

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